Ok to everyone that went to the lan party it was fun but not as fun as others, due to my incompetence and poor judgement. I promise the next one i have will be better.
I will try to post more on the forums but I need my username and pass so if anyone knows them let me know in xfire. I set the Site up to use with Contribute so hopefully Rover, Coyote, and Tiger can update it too.

Hey It's Dragon!!!
Hope ya missed me.
Anyone i havent told the lan party will be this wednesday at 7:00 EST.
Hope to see everyone there

All right, Dragon hasn't updated in about 3 months, but we've had worse... >.>
Anyway, Dragon is still trying to perfect the mini program for the Council Members to use to update the site. Other then that, we will be soon revamping the site roster.
Stay tuned for a possible addition to C{I}A in the new year!

Dragon has decided to keep working on the site, and updated with a modified layout. Be sure to let him know how it looks! More updates to come at a later date...